Monday, July 30, 2012

Lauren Ricciardelli Walks Us Down the Aisle

Here comes the ultimate in wedding planning. Listen in as Lauren Ricciardelli tells us what its like to "vow" to be a successful wedding reception planner.

Meet Lauren Ricciardelli of Private Receptions

What inspires you?
I often feel inspired in Pier A park and the surrounding parks. I think this is because I almost feel like I'm in my own sprawling (and public!) back yard and then across the river is this huge "make you or break you" city. Seeing that skyline forces me to think outside the box, and stay focused on my goals. 

What personal strengths do you bring to the table as an efficient woman in business?
I actually come from a fine art and performing arts background. I think this allows me to really get creative with my business and with problem solving. Especially since we do planning AND design - I really love working on creating new and fresh ways to make our clients' personalities shine through into their events. Everyone deserves to have a stress free "dream" wedding. I take those dreams and find ways to make them happen.

How did you overcome your latest business obstacle?
Hmmm. The wedding industry is so competitive. I think my biggest and ongoing obstacle has been the economy. Budgets are tight and the DIY trend doesn't seem to be going away. Often times, brides don't realize how stressful that month leading up to the wedding is; finalizing all the contracts, delivery and set up times, transportation - we take care of all that so the bride doesn't have to stress. I remember I had a vendor email me a question the DAY BEFORE my wedding - about something that I'd already confirmed, and I said to myself "Where is MY planner? Oh wait, that's ME!" But I had my staff for the day of the wedding and enjoyed every second of being a bride. They handled everything.
Right now referrals are my friends.
Haha! People that know me and the caliber of the services we offer usually provide the best leads. 

What’s different about your business niche?
The competitiveness! They're so many other planner in Hoboken and in NYC. But we don't just plan. We help design the wedding. And we tailor all of our services to specifically meet our clients needs. We aren't just another package deal. We love what we do and we'll make sure you love planning your wedding with us!

Your favorite part of your job is...
Well who doesn't love weddings? I mean, I get to get up and help create someone's fairy tale wedding! I feel like the fairy godmother of weddings; making sure everyone has a great time and isn't worried about where they have to be next or if the band will play that song that they hate. We take care of that. It's the best feeling to work an event and see the bride and groom totally relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Your fave Hoboken restaurant is...
La Cucharamama. I've NEVER had a bad dish there, everything is SO good. It's the perfect place for tapas!

Fave Hoboken hangout?
Madison's: great food, great drinks.

Your favorite Sinatra melody is...
Witchcraft. Sexy and playful at the same time

Tell us about your baseball love or not? It was started here in this great town...
I'm actually an Orioles fan, being from Baltimore originally. My husband is a HUGE Yankees fan though, so I usually keep quiet about my O's. (Especially because the past few seasons have been nothing to write home about)

If you can give Hoboken a tagline, what would it be?
The little city with a BIG personality!

Thank you Lauren for your inspirational wedding ways. Of course, now instead of listening to Witchcraft from Sinatra, we're most likely envisioning "Twist & Shout", but good choice on the song by good ole "blue eyes". We all know someone who is planning a wedding. This town is full of pre-nuptual couples. We'll keep our eyes peeled and send them your way!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Introducing "Words of Wisdom" with Raquel Avila

We may have written this post for her, but you ought to know that if anyone can write, it’s Raquel Avila. For years, she has made her way up the corporate ranks in publishing, breaking sales goals, exceeding the expectations of her superiors and clients and basking in the glory of the written and spoken word. The enjoyment of opening a book, reading the back cover for reviews, or even being enlightened from the cover art... those are the moments that Raquel’s business spirit lives highest within. And, she’s happy too! One happy writer... and an incredible storyteller for creatives who want to build their dreams through paperback and hard cover success stories on the shelves and ibooks counters worldwide.

Introducing Our Interview With Raquel Avila...

Raquel Avila
LID Publishing, Inc.

What Inspires you?

I'm a storyteller by heart, someone who loves to influence others for the greater good to not only find their true expression but capitalize on it in their lives. I am highly motivated to bring stories of any kind to life. I've helped publishing companies and authors earn record breaking revenue and acclaim. Most recently, I worked on 3 amazing Kohl’s promotions where 100 percent of the proceeds were donated to support kids’ health and education initiatives nationwide. As such, I believe we can all weave the idea of giving back into our work lives. My dream is to continue to tap my creative side through the writers I work with helping them find their signature communication platform, whether it helps them achieve their goal to become a published author or it helps their company's marketing and branding efforts. The process is truly remarkable - I'm in for life!

What strengths do you bring to the table when it comes to being an influential woman in biz?

I've work with have complimented me by saying that I've inspired them to be the best at their jobs. That makes me happy. Under my leadership, I've worked with accounts that have become partners and friends of mine. I bring with me professionalism, dedication to their plight, enthusiasm and the desire for true connection. I've never had a bad meeting!

What is the latest business obstacle you’ve had to overcome and how did you do it?

Currently, I work for a niche international publishing company, LID Publishing. I am tasked with starting a publishing line in the US market in 2012. However, this is the first time they have explored the US market. My job is to work with my own team of freelancers, find authors and create an extension of the company successfully here in the States. I am pulling together all my contacts and resources to strategize how best to use my time on this new venture.

What’s different about your business niche that makes you get up and be your best everyday?

Without getting too technical, we publish books for authors and companies in the business category to help them achieve their communication goals. Because traditional bookstores and print books are on the decline, this offers us tremendous growth opportunity.

With over 14 years experience in the book publishing field, I find my new company a joy because of the creativity involved. I can plan and execute on a daily basis which makes for an exciting day. I also find my colleagues such intelligent and focused people. We are already a great team that offers a lot. I'm excited that our business model is non-traditional. It allows me to constantly meet new people and help them achieve their goals. What's better than that?

Your favorite part of your job is...

Hearing people’s stories.

What are some cool new ideas about the business you’re in that you can promote or share with our readers to expand their minds and hearts?

Have you written a business-oriented book but don't know how to market it? Business owners - have you thought about your messaging and how it can translate to greater attention to your company or brand? If you want enhanced communication to reach your target market, consider writing a book. We'll help you develop your editorial focus or ghost-write and walk you through the process!

Ask me about my bread and butter...

-Creating your own content by writing a book or ebook is an ideal way of targeting your message directly to your brand, products and services.
-Taking advantage of the opportunity to inform, educate and even entertain your audience speaks volumes about your commitment to a customer-centric company.
-Reap the benefits a book offers of engaging your customers and prospects for 25 minutes (according to a APA study) compared to mere seconds with traditional media.
-Add your company's logo on the jacket or insert a personalized letter in the book.

Looking forward to talking soon!

And how for the fun Hoboken chit-chat...

Your fave restaurant in Hoboken is...

Grimaldi’s Pizza is mouthwateringly good!

Your favorite Hoboken hang out is...

10th and Willow

Your ultimate, all-time favorite Frank Sinatra song, hands down is...

The Theme from New York, New York

Are you a baseball fan... it was created here?


And now, tell us. What headline does Hoboken deserve as an incredible city?

The Hidden Gem on the East Coast

Yes, we are all living our dreams within this hidden gem on the east coast. Welcome to the Women in Business Council blog forum, Raquel. Ladies and gents... as you can see, we are filled and overflowing actually- with the most abundant of inspirational souls of females looking to take their life and business to the next level. Please take a moment to learn more about Raquel and when you see her at our next event, shake her hand and let her know how much you enjoyed reading her story. She may end up writing yours...

Friday, April 27, 2012

She's Got a Cult Following at Hair Cult and Marma- Meet Laurie Michelson

Environmentally Conscious and an Excellent Beauty Consultant- And Her Doors Open to Pure Bliss. Mingle with Laurie Michelson Today.

Many fabulous men and women take time to sit in Laurie's chair, but today we put her in the hot seat and promote her leadership skills, marketing savvy and her way with beauty- both inside and out. Laurie Michelson owns Hair Cult & Marma Day Spa. She takes pride in environmentally safe products and has dedicated her Hoboken surroundings to making community members feel bliss in her spa and look like a million bucks when walking out of her salon. If you've seen her around town, you know she's got style. Always sportin' a new doo. Cheers to you, Laurie. Learn about this influential woman in Hoboken Biz today.

Laurie Michelson
Hair Cult & Marma Day Spa

Laurie, What inspires you?
My daughter inspires me. Growing up in Union City and experiencing the growth of this town also inspires me. It’s amazing!

What strengths do you bring to the table when it comes to being an influential women in business?
Starting a business on my own at the age of 23, having learned from my mistakes, thankfully not many... but learning from them and growing make it essential for a woman to be in business. Having an open mind to take things as they come and have the ability to adapt are also key strengths that I possess.

What is the latest business obstacle you’ve had to overcome? How’d you do it?
The economy! I’ve had to learn how to run my business differently. Instead of jumping on the Groupon and LivingSocial bandwagon, which in my opinion will be the death of small business, I’ve learned to market creatively with our existing guests and add value without compromising quality.

What’s different about your business niche that makes you get up and go to work everyday? Do tell, we wanna know what wakes you up everyday.
I love what I do still- after 24 years! I’ve been fortunate to always have a great, friendly, loyal staff of people to work with daily. We truly enjoy servicing and making our guests happy. It’s not just the cut, color or massage, it’s the “experience”.

Your favorite part of your job is...
Interacting and getting to know our guests and what their needs are... especially when they are not sure how to verbalize what they need. The art of consultation ensures their happiness.

What are some cool new biz ideas that you’re incorporating into your company and brand?
We’re passionate about the environment and caring for it, so all of our products are organically derived. Our hair color is 93% and 99% organically derived. We have great referral incentives that you can share with friends and family as well.

And now... tell us how much you love Hoboken:

Your favorite restaurant is...
Charritos because the food doesn’t get any more authentic. Though you ask for one, I do have to say that Bin 14 is also a favorite because of the ambiance. I love going to both of these places because the staff knows me and makes me feel like I’m home. That feeling can’t be beat!

Your favorite hang out is...
Bin 14. Perfect for an after work hang. The staff ALWAYS finds me a seat no matter how busy they are.

Your fave Frank Sinatra song?
Summer Wind.

Do you enjoy baseball? It was invented here after all. Are you into it?
Yes, but only live at the stadium.

Your tagline for Hoboken if sky scraped across the sky would be...
New Jersey’s NYC

LOVE IT! You are admirable, Laurie. Now we know where to go when we need a massage or a consult on our hair with an expert opinion that counts. Customer service, especially in a small town, is and should be first and foremost at our services list and marketing. It sounds like you know your roots (and know how to color your customers’.) Congratulations on your success in business, in Hoboken, in the Women in Business Council and for all your endeavors. We all know Marma... let’s all stop in and say hi to Laurie and her friendly staff after reading this. It could be time for a summer facial. It's about that time of the seasons changing. Get pampered at Laurie's growing businesses today.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kay LiCausi is a Lobbyist, an incredible new mom and a powerhouse for all businesses. Listen in...

Meet Kay LiCausi
Hoboken Strategy Group

Ladies and gents. Today's your lucky day. If you don't know what a lobbyist is, you will certainly get the answer you need in Kay's feature. Kay LiCausi is what we like to call- an incredi-woman. She's a single mom and a true believer in city government. She's the one that actually knows many of the laws and how they can reflect positively towards people and communities. She hangs out at Kidville and enjoys a good steak at Dino's, but when she's not changing diapers or dining uptown, she's lobbying for you- which is exactly why you need to learn about the business lifestyle of Kay LiCausi, the Lobbyist.

Kay, tell us what inspires you?
Three things. First and foremost, my beautiful daughter Lily. She's 13 months old and every time I look at her, I am inspired to be a better person. Second, true public service. I believe that government can and should help people and that by working together we can make NJ a better place. Finally, my late mom. She was an amazing beautiful, kind, giving person. She's my role model and I miss her every day.

What strengths do you personally bring to the table as an influential woman in business?
My determination. My motto is Winston Churchill's "Never, Never, Never Give Up." I hate the word no. There is always a path to success, you just have to find it.

What is the latest obstacle you’ve had to overcome and how did you do it?
Balancing work and motherhood. I am a single mother-by-choice and I run my own business, so my life is busy! Lily makes me happier than I ever dreamed possible, she is a dream come true.

What makes you rush out of bed in the morning for your job that’s different from other industries?
Not many people know what a lobbyist is. I help businesses interact with government. If a business has a need they come to me to help find a solution. First, you have to define your message and what you are asking for (sometimes it is not as easy as it sounds!). Then, you have to find the right person to be your advocate and help them help you. I see myself as a translator. Government and business speak very different languages. I build coalitions and try and reach consensus, so that everyone walks away happy.

Your favorite part of your job is...
Helping people. I'm a fixer. When someone tells me a problem, personal or work related, I immediately think of ways they can fix it, even if they aren't asking for advice. In my head, I think "these are the steps they should be taking." I love my job. Every day and every meeting is different and exciting. I'm constantly learning and striving for success for my clients.

What are some cool new ideas in your business that we can share with our readers?
This isn't directly related to my business, but to my passion - electing women to office. Did you know that the Center for American Woman and Politics is hosting their amazing Ready to Run Campaign Training for Women? It's March 9th and 10th in New Brunswick. See what it is all about at:

And now for the good part. Let's see what Kay loves about the mile square town.

Your favorite restaurant in Hoboken is...
I can't limit it to one! Sitting at the bar at Augustinos; the polenta and cheesecake at Amanda's; french fries at Cafe Elysian; the ropa vieja at La Isla; and the steak at Dino and Harrys!

Your favorite hangout in Hoboken?
Kidville!!! Lily loves loves loves it! She thinks she runs the place!

Your favorite Sinatra song?
Mr Sinatra reminds me of my late father. He would torture me with his singing. I was constantly taking microphones out of his hand. My dad had a wonderful sense of humor, any Sinatra song invokes a good memory.

Are you a Baseball fan? It was started right here in our town??
I am a Yankee fan, have been since birth. I only get to one game a year, but I make the most of it! Speaking of sports, we have to give a shout out to all the Giants, Devils and Metrostars players living in Hoboken - go team!!

What’s your tagline for Hoboken, the City?
I love Hoboken. I have been here for 14 years. I currently live in Maxwell and work a few blocks away. The Northeast of Hoboken is my little corner of the world. Everything I ever need is in a five block radius. Kings, restaurants, Kidville, parks, the waterfront walkway, boutiques and my Starbucks! I'll never leave. So, in a sentence, "Hoboken has it all!"

Yes, it does. And it has YOU- our Lobbyist. Thank you for engaging us with your business. It's always nice to learn the ins and outs of city government because it's not always something we take to a conversation over tea. We're inspired and we support you! Thank you for doing your justice to the town. Keep going! If you see Kay around town, give her a high five.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Feel Healthier with Hoboken's "Top" Nutritionist, Inna Topiler

Meet Inna Topiler
Complete Nutrition & Wellness

Inna Topiler is a resourceful contact that you can meet in the Hoboken Women in Business Council. She's also one of the most trusted to give you the advice you need. When you meet her you'll realize that any slight condition you may have such as heartburn, headaches, migraines, stomach pains, etc. can be cured by visiting her practice. She is MORE than a nutritionist. Don't be fooled by the name, she provides so much more. She's a 'complete' health specialist and her office has so many areas to help your wellness in 2012 from topics like combating weight loss to "what kind of vitamins to take that are right for YOUR BODY". Inna also provides practical business advice below. Read her interview, learn about her wealth of knowledge and take some biz tips home with you as her obstacles turned successes have a point for us all to learn.

What inspires you, Inna?
My job and the goal of my nutrition practice is to help people feel better. It is amazing and most inspiring to hear patients tell me the changes they are experiencing and how their life has actually transitioned. I am always so thrilled to hear that a chronic condition such as eczema or IBS has been alleviated and they are back to their “old self, or that they now have more energy and can accomplish more at home or work or that they now look better and have more confidence to face their day. I am also really inspired by other nutritionist, doctors and all forward thinking practitioners in our field that put in countless hours of research to come up with new and exciting protocols. I love brainstorming and sharing ideas with other likeminded people so we can in turn better assist our patients.

What strengths do you personally bring to the table when it comes to being an influential woman in business? 

I would have to say it would be compassion and understanding. I know that when speaking about being influential in business, these are not words that would necessarily come to mind, but I feel that before being a good businesswoman, you first have to be a genuine person as all businesses are built on customer relationships and trust. About 10 years ago, I had some of my own health struggles which actually lead me to this field and being on the other side as a patient, I can empathize and really understand where my patients are now coming from. That understanding helps them open up more and allow me to help them better and in turn builds our relationship.

What is the latest business obstacle you’ve overcome and how did you do it? 
 I think many of you ladies may agree, as women we are programmed to multi-task, do it all ourselves and do it all fast! I was getting to a point in my practice though, where doing it all was becoming overwhelming. Like many others, I often thought that I needed to do everything and it was very hard for me (in fact it almost seemed impossible) to let go, especially when it came to my practice and my patients. However I realized that asking for help is way better than driving yourself and everyone around you crazy and I just hired a 3rd nutritionist to help with our patient load. While it was hard for me to initially let go, I realized the benefit of putting together a great team and I am looking forward to a new but wonderful dynamic in our office.

What’s different about your business niche that makes you get up and go to work every day and be your best? Do tell... we wanna know. 
My niche is working with every patient to help find the root cause of their health concern. I see all types of people and for many of them with chronic conditions who have already been to many different practitioners, our office often their last resort. I utilize diet and lifestyle modifications but also specialize in various functional tests that are often much more detailed that standard blood tests. These analyses allow me to see imbalances in vitamins and minerals, hormones, digestive pattern and other biochemical pathways and help me figure out exactly where the body may be out of balance. Many ailments can stem from these imbalances and I work on fixing them from the base instead of just covering up symptoms with medications. I love playing detective so to speak and analyzing the results, going over heath histories and really listening to my patients to put all the puzzle pieces together. I get excited to see what kind of puzzle I will be presented with next and do my best to solve it.

Your favorite part about your job is... 
Meeting all types of very different people and the fact that they allow me to be part of their care.

What are some cool new ideas about the business that you’re in that we can help promote to fans who are reading this? 
Many people don’t actually realize about the multitude of cutting edge tests that are available and how far technology has evolved. We have been talking a lot about chronic health conditions and the role of the tests in getting to the root of the problem. However, the tests can also be helpful in other areas such as anti aging (we can figure out if patients have enough anti oxidants which are the things that protect all of your cells and help slow ageing), weight, sports performance and optimal health.

Through a hair analysis, we can find out your mineral status and see if you have any heavy metals like mercury, aluminum or lead. We can test various aspects of your metabolism with a simple urine test and look at your hormone balance and even stress levels through saliva. We can also see what foods are best for your specific body through a special blood test. There is only one lab of such kind in the whole country.

We also have a body composition machine that can measure not only your body fat, but the muscle and water in the body in just 30 seconds. This is something we often use as part of our weight loss program and based on the changes in composition, a meal plan is created and optimized.

Now for some Hoboken fun...

Your favorite restaurant in Hoboken is...
Bin 14. They have such great food. Ok, so not every dish is super healthy there, but the portions are small so that helps. They also have gluten free pizza and even sell their gluten free crust for those with wheat sensitivities like myself.

Your favorite hang out in Hoboken...
The pier. Its so nice to look out on the water at the beautiful Manhattan skyline.

Your favorite Frank Sinatra song...
New York New York

If you can give Hoboken a headline as the greatest city in the world, what would it be in your eyes: 
A residential town that has it all, from parks to bars and restaurants to culture and entertainment and best of all, its all in walking distance (and just a quick boat or train ride away from the big city).

Nicely put, Inna. We are totally inspired by your strengths within your field as well as your ability to allow us to stop and realize the benefit of seeing a nutritionist for more than the "food chart" can truly take our health and wellness to an all new level. This is really inspiring. When you see Inna around town, or at Bin 14, tell her she rocks and visit her office to get the best of health and wellness care.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Build Your Brand With Marketing Expert Elizabeth Barry

Meet the Brand Therapist

Meet Elizabeth Barry, a founding member of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce's Women in Business Council. Since forming the strategic marketing firm Elizabeth Barry & Associates in 2006, Elizabeth has succeeded in helping hundreds of clients discover the right brand message for their business. Elizabeth knows how to highlight the best companies in a number of fields including dance, fitness and wellness. Her industry newsletter NEXT GEN Insider reaches over 30,000 artist members nationwide every Thursday. Also, a founding member of the TEDxGotham lecture series, Elizabeth loves reading about and discovering leaders who inspire her.

Tell us Elizabeth, what skills do you use to succeed as a strategic marketer?
You have to be a good listener. In strategic marketing we're really listening for and looking for the red flags that clients can't pick up on their own because they're wearing so many hats and too close to their business. To be a good strategic marketing consultant you have to look for those loopholes and listen for answers that your clients are saying that you can provide solutions for.

How has the marketing industry evolved over the past 10-15 years?
First off, websites have evolved. Lots of our clients are coming to us from having spent thousands of dollars with a designer for a website that doesn’t really work that well. When they begin working with us, they realize the value of customer service and quality in each step of the way, in addition to the fact that we’re a tri-fold agency. We have a marketing and business web division that also has two other departments, graphic design and programming. To get the results from a product that lasts, all three must be included in a 2012 website.

Marketing in general has evolved with social media. There's so much more being thrown at us. Not just with television or radio, but now it's Facebook and Twitter, video marketing, blogging, mobile marketing etc. For our company it's a good position to be in because we help clients navigate through each of those mediums with expert advice and execution.

You're right, there is a lot of information out there these days. So then what's the future of marketing?
The future of marketing is owning up to your brand's story. It's figuring out who are, so that you're different from your competitors out there. We're in 2012, and we just got out of a recession. Many of the people who were let go from their companies are now looking to become entrepreneurs themselves. What you're going to see is a greater pool of entrepreneurs. Be smart and savvy on how to use all those tools that are out there, but most importantly own up to your brand story and stand out from the rest by thinking outside the box.

Why is branding important?
It defines who you are. You can tell a quality, lasting brand from the lesser valued ones instantaneously. For me branding is cool. I live and breathe it. I go to bed with it and I wake up with it. I have coffee with it every morning. Branding is having integrity with whatever it is that you're selling or providing. What you put into it, is what you get out of it. It’s right there in black and white. Customers are not dumb. They’re very savvy and they can tell if you’re quality or not; and that makes a difference in today’s society. People google, customers care about who they work with and what they’ll get in return. Quality and customer service are a huge part of branding in 2012.

Hoboken has a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses. It is also home to many professionals who maybe work out of a home office. How would you advise each of those types of business about marketing themselves?
It depends on how savvy they are and how outside of the box they can be. If you're a brick and mortar on Washington Street, there could be twelve other companies just like yours, so you have to communicate loud and clear, but also creatively about why customers should shop with you. Just as a person who doesn't have a brick and mortar space would have to think outside of the box to draw customers in. Each one of those types of businesses have obstacles that they need to overcome; and they can do it by being creative.

Take my company for instance. I've been hosting free marketing talks every quarter for the past year and a half and that's my form of advertising in Hoboken. That's how I think outside the box to communicate my ad messaging- by providing a service with free tips and advice. We bring in a nice crowd every time filled with attendees who are inspired and motivated. Everyone takes home a meaning or two that’s their very own and we have returning fans as well. Whether they hire us this year or next year or not, or they talk to ten people about the event- it’s worthwhile to inspire people. That's how we do it without having a brick and mortar place. I’m also a huge fan of the Chamber of Commerce and attend many of their events. They’re great for networking.

You're a visible presence in the world of dance. What inspires you about that?
I've loved it since I was little. What inspires me now about dance is the fact that I know all the people on television, and in the hit movies, all the choreographers that are behind the scenes of the tours, of the Justin Biebers and the Beyonces. I have them in my cell phone, I build their campaigns, I hang out with them and I know their personal triumphs to get to where they're at. They’re my friends. I was a Marketing Director at Dance Magazine, then a top selling sales representative at over 13 different dance magazines in NYC. After that I put myself in a position where I launched the first strategic marketing firm for dance, and then the first email magazine for dance. The dancers that I know consider me a good friend and a positive role model in the field and that truly inspires me. 

Yes indeed. Now tell us about living in Hoboken. Where can you find the best meal in the Mile Square?
The best meal in Hoboken? Augustino's!

Where do you go when you want a fun night out on the town?
I go to Dino & Harry's. I like to sit and have a good glass of wine and listen to the piano. That's my good time.

What's your favorite time of year in Hoboken?
I really like going out by the water in the summer and just looking at Manhattan and admiring how big it is. I also appreciate the fall walking down Park Avenue or Bloomfield Street. It's so pretty.

Being that Hoboken is the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, what's your favorite song by 'Ol Blue Eyes?
Summer Wind AND The Way You Look Tonight too. You can't just have one.

Ha! You can have more than one if you want, Elizabeth. You've done so much to help so many businesses succeed that you deserve it!

Be sure to talk to Elizabeth for your marketing needs. You can visit her website www.EB&, email her at or call 201-217-6608. If you're into the arts, please sign up to become a FREE member of her artist products, And be sure to keep checking the Women in Business Council blog to see which Hoboken success story is featured next!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Michelle Albrizio Conquers the Commerce and Leads at Atlantic Environmental

Introducing one of the most talented young ladies of the Women in Business Council and quite honestly, one of the nicest women you'll ever meet. Hear her stories of success, goals for accomplishments and her admiration for Hoboken in today's featured interview.

Meet: Michelle Albrizio
Director of Communications @ Atlantic Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Michelle, What inspires you?

After working in Manhattan, coming to Hoboken was a welcome change from the chaos of the city. Hoboken is the ultimate happy-medium of having the city life and the low-key suburban feel. With restaurants, bars and parks everywhere you look, there’s always somewhere to go and something to do, which makes every day a new adventure!

True to that. So tell us about your strengths in business? What are your core qualities?

I have the "get it done, and get it done right" attitude, which has allowed me to accomplish many great things not only for Atlantic Environmental, but for the Chamber of Commerce, which I assist in the running of on a weekly basis. I have been able to organize and execute many great events for both organizations and I find that my determined attitude to make sure that I have done my best to make things as perfect as they can be has made me successful at what I do.

We agree. Thanks for all your help. You've done so much. But do tell.. what is the latest business obstacle you’ve overcome and how did you accomplish it?

About 8 months ago, I made the transition from a behind the scenes employee to a more "visual" one, organizing and attending events and social networking with people from all over the community. It was a welcome change, because I have been lucky to have made relationships both personally and professionally with many wonderful people who have helped not only to promote current business but to collaborate on future events with! Also balancing ALL of the things that I do on a daily basis, getting them done, done right and on-time can be challenging, but its one that I'm always up for!

What’s different about your biz niche that makes you get up and go to work everyday and be your best?

Being surrounded by an amazing group of co-workers and colleagues from the community drive me to do what I do! I have a strong group working with me and behind me, and knowing that their support is there is enough to get me here everyday, because I wouldn't want to let them down!

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love being able to meet new and different people all the time and hear their stories of how they became what they are today and how they got there. I also love planning different events and being apart of them from start to finish. Its extremely rewarding to see something that started as just an idea on a piece of paper, become an event that people appreciate and enjoy attending!

Now, let's have some Hoboken fun... 

Your favorite restaurant in Hoboken is...
Amanda’s Restaurant. Not only is the atmosphere cozy and inviting, but Eugene and Joyce Flinn, the owners of Amanda’s, always go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and comfortable. The food is AMAZING and is an overall great experience!

Your fave Hoboken hang out is...
For a fun night out with friends, Texas Arizona.

Your fave Frank Sinatra song?
"New York, New York" and "Summer Wind"... its way too hard to pick just one!

Are you a baseball fan? It was invented here in Hoboken. Do you keep up the spirit?

I grew up in a family where from April-October that was ALL that we watched! Go Yankees!!! Maybe we’ll have better luck next year ; )

If you could give Hoboken a headline as the greatest city in the world, what would it be?
One square mile... one GREAT time!

Many, many great times to be had with YOU, Michelle. Thank you for all you do for the Chamber of Commerce and thank you for being a go-getter within our Council. Cheers to Michelle Albrizio, and when you see her at our next Chamber event, make sure you tell her what a great job she's doing both personally and professionally, thanks to knowing more about her in today's feature.